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With the arrival of summer, the problems of ventilation are accentuated because in climates like ours a high rate of ventilation is necessary in order to cool and eliminate the heat generated by the animals themselves.


Faced with this situation, large fans with capacities are required according to the volume of each farm, and the ventilation system, that is why Balbat offers a wide range of fans of different sizes and powers, as well as the assembly of the same and the Advice for a good choice.

BALBAT has visited the international animal exhibition SPACE in Rennes

BALBAT has visited the agricultural and livestock show SPACE in Rennes, where we contacted various potential distributors for our feeder pan “PAT”, for the French market.

The SPACE is the most important fair of agriculture and livestock in France and the most important in the world besides being the most important among French-speaking countries. The fact that is held in the capital of Brittany is not an accident, as it is the region with more weight in this sector where most French farms and livestock are concentrated.

BALBAT, is involved with the program Acció 10, trough the Chamber of Comerce of Lleida and is starting prospecting foreign markets in which to export their products and, as most important the quail hopper PAT, designed from their own konow-how for intensive breeding on the floor of quails and France is one of the most important countries this sector.

During our visit in the fair we saw the latest industry news and confirm the importance that new technologies have in daily farmers work, especially regarding to the Green Building. Indeed, there was a whole warehouse dedicated to the latest trends and innovations in the field of Green Building which in other words is very extended in the neighboring country and certainly an industry that BALBAT want to promote. Our aim is that farmers will become aware of the energy savings that can be a building with greater energy efficiency, in addition to the environmental benefits that it carries.

Advantages in raising quail free range instead of in cages

Advantages in raising quail free range instead of in cages are the following:

  • Since there is more space available for the birds, they receive no bruises resulting in more compact and
  • higher quality meat.
  • The birds’ stress decreases.
  • The mortality rate of the offspring decreases.
  • Their wings do not break so easily.

Most of the slaughterhouses only accept meat from free range quails, on the basis of the animal welfare legislation established by the World Organisation for Animal Health.