Quail Equipment

The PAT Hopper, manufactured and originally patented by Balbat, designed especially for quails, partridges, pheasants and small game birds

  • Polypropylene plate: 29 cm in diameter, 260 mm high with a weight of 0.535kg.
  • Cone with removable top.
  • Capacity for 300 quails, the total weight with the hopper and the feed is 2,645kg.
  • 1000 mm line hooper, spiral and feed, with a total weight of 4,85 kg.
  • The conversion of the amount of feed is larger meat.

Advantages in raising quail free range instead of in cages

  • Since there is more space available for the birds, they receive no bruises resulting in more compact and higher quality meat.
  • The birds’ stress decreases.
  • The mortality rate of the offspring decreases.
  • Their wings do not break so easily.

Most of the slaughterhouses only accept meat from free range quails, on the basis of the animal welfare legislation established by the World Organisation for Animal Health.

Nipple drinkers for quails and partridges

  • 3m nipple drinker lines with nipples every 15/20/25 cm.
  • Easy-to-use water pressure regulator.
  • Nipple drinker holds approx. 45/50 quails.

Conveyor + carrying case for feed and biomass from the silo to the tube feeders or the heater.

  • 1 or 2 hopper openings with a capacity of 70 kg, funnel and the storage in various diameters.
  • Micro safety switch.

Cage raising for breeders and consumption of eggs

Raising cage

  • Conveyor belt with manual collection.
  • Automated excrement collection.
  • Cages with 4-6 floors.
  • Between 50 and 70 heads per hole, according to cage dimensions.

Excrement conveyor to the outside

  • Automated conveyor belt for excrement collection.